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I do things sometimes. Usually in C#

📝Who am I?
Hi' I'm a C# dev who does things with the things. All my projects are here.
Thinking Emoji Ok, but what do you do?
I'm a glorified rock teacher. I started developing about 8 years ago.

Primary languages are C#, JavaScript & PHP.
💻 Projects
KynarethAn API suite that can generate memes. Source
MemeApiAn API endpoint that can generate a meme from given image(s)
NydalivA Customizable Dungeons & Dragons game (On hold)
SkuldA Discord bot that I did and is in a few servers, website is being re-designed
Miki.API.ImagesA C# Wrapper for Imghoard, an imageboard tagging api service.
MikiA discord bot that I contribute to the backend to